• British Airways plane landing at Heathrow next to Union Flag painted on taxiway

    British Airways plane landing at Heathrow next to Union Flag painted on taxiway

  • Photograph of the City of London Skyline at dusk
  • Human Olympic London 2012 Logo

    Children at Collingwood College producing London 2012 Inspire Logo with High Level Photography were there to record the event with the Mast Aerial Photography Service.

  • How we do it?

    We have a range of methods to capture aerial photographs. From within an aeroplane to our 4x4s with extendible masts.

  • Emirates Airbus A380 Landing at Heathrow Airport

    Airbus A380 Landing at Heathrow Airport January 2012

Professional photography plays a vital role in the way businesses present themselves and their products or services.

What we do…

We’re very proud of the photographs that we take.  Please scroll down and take a look through our photo galleries.  If you’d like to see higher resolution versions, or have any questions then please contact us.

Welcome to the home of high quality photography.

High Level Photography Ltd was founded back in 1985.

The phrase High Level was chosen to indicate that our photography was from elevated viewpoints and is of top quality. But we don’t just do high level. We shoot from the ground and the air. Our speciality has been property photography, where are services are in constant demand, but more recently we have been involved in photographing new world records and covering news stories.

“High Level Photography” has become the definitive name for photography from elevated viewpoints. Other terms or names for this service are:- elevated photos, elevated photography, elevated images, photo mast, aerial photography – although this last term is also used for aviation based photography.

Over the years, confirming the validity of our technique, we have had our would-be imitators; however, there is still only one, genuine High Level Photography, with the experience, unique hardware and dedication to achieve the very best results, time after time. Click Here to read more about High Level Photography.

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